Zadie's Boy by Richard D. Edwards

Zadie's Boy

The Troy Maeweather Story
by Richard D. Edwards

Follow the true life story of Troy Maeweather, a shy elderly man born in Attalla, Alabama, in 1927 in Zadie’s Boy by Richard D. Edwards. Troy’s life from 1927 to 1939 (before a heartbreaking event) then to 1991, reflect the early years of his story, presented against the vivid background of the old South. The later years (1992 forward), define the joy of a “very late homecoming” from a separation of more than fifty years.

Troy had always listened attentively and religiously abided by advice given by Zadie and other family members. He took note of his family’s past, as well as the past record of others that he encountered. He learned many lessons on the adventures of life that he would encounter. These various adventures would include love, hate, good, evil, joy, sorrow, life, death, hope success, failure, and many other descriptive events.

A poignant story, Zadie’s Boy reveals the love that Troy and Zadie had for each other and for their family. It depicts how the early childhood training that Troy received from his mother and others brought him through some very difficult times. This heartwarming tale also gives readers a glimpse of what life was like in the old South and the perverseness of some of its citizens.

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